Smart City Consultants


Our organization

Our organization is a virtual company. This means that all our consultants work independently.

Smart City Consultants company was founded in 2018. Since then we have worked closely with different type of businesses that gone through a digital transformation of services in the public domain.

We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Our Experience

The consultants of smart city consultants have experience with the digital transformation of your business services that take place in public spaces. We are experienced in supporting companies in transforming their business, data and technology to ensure that your digital transformation has impact to achieve your ambitions.

All of our consultants have a senior role and worked more than 10+ years in the field of expertise in sectors like security, strategy, innovation, data analytics and IT.

Our Services

  • Management consulting

  • Strategy consulting

  • Project management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Business processes

  • Information management

  • Technology testing

  • Cost estimation

  • Business and partnership models

Project References

A section of our project references are shown below. For each project you will find a brief description of how we delivered the smart city project. Sometimes the project has been mentioned in the news. If so, a link is provide for more information.

  • Smart Metro Station


    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Challenge: Fast insight in mobility flows on metro line.

    Solution: Integration of data sensor in station And placement of additional IoT sensors.

    Result: Insight in mobility flows on metro line for operational and strategic purpose.

    More info: Metro system Amsterdam.

  • Enterprise Architecture


    Location: The Hague, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Little understanding of which business services have best potential for digitization.

    Solution: Delivery of Business Enterprise Architecture for Real Estate companies.

    Result: Common Business reference architecture that is used by software companies to uniform business services and make digital transformation easier for real estate companies.

    More Info: Link.

  • Implementation data standards


    Location: The Hague, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Limited find-, access- and interoperability of Real estate information.

    Solution: Development of new data standards using latest data management standards.

    Result: Development or implementation of RGS and Aedes ILS for Real Estate companies.

    News: Client Webpage RGS and Aedes ILS.

  • Data driven business process


    Location: Utrecht, Netherlands.

    Challenge: uniform assessment of safety on platforms in Netherlands.

    Solution: development data model with algorithms.

    Result: Faster and uniform decision making process based on data.

    News: Link and Dutch Broadcasting Agency (NOS).

  • Risk model for Real Estate


    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Identify risks and number of homes with low air quality.

    Solution: Data model based on software ERP maintenance logs.

    Result: Validated na prioritize homes to renovate first.

  • Vision 2030 on digitization


    Location: The Hague, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Alignment of digital transformation roadmap with 30+ real estate companies.

    Solution: Digital transformation framework, workshops, change management, leadership.

    Result: Delivery of a vision document and roadmap on how real estate companies can use digital transformation to reach their strategic goals and ambitions.

  • Implementation of IoT Sensors


    Location: Hoorn, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Integration new smart sensor into a organization.

    Solution: Consultation and project management.

    Result: Handover of a reliable and accurate sensor that works according to previously determined specs.

  • Smart Train Station


    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Real Time passenger numbers for crowd management.

    Solution: selection and implementation of people counting.

    Result: Crowd monitoring platforms for operational and strategic goals.

    News: OV magazine.

  • Seminars Digitization


    Location: multiple locations, Netherlands.

    Challenge: Support real estate companies to find good information about digital transformation.

    Solution: Webinars, seminars, workshops and network events on specific IT related topics.

    Result: Improve knowledge exchange in the real estate sector on digital transformation.

    News: Link.

  • Smart Train Station Italy


    Location: Milan, Italy.

    Challenge: Real time insight of mobility flows.

    Solution: Placement IoT sensors in train station.

    Result: Improve station layout for pedestrian flows.