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Smart City consultants is a consulting firm specialized in designing and implementing new smart city strategies. We are independent consultants that support public organizations in the digitization of the public domain.

Challenges for smart cities

“Human factors are the main reasons smart city projects fail.”

Gartner (2017) and Smart City Consultants (2018)

Successful smart city projects have a good understanding of culture and organizational structure of the city.  The better you understand the organization and the people that run it, the easier it is to select a good smart solution.

“Smart city projects are risky  when project resources focus too much on technology only”

Berger (2019), Smart City Consultants (2019)

A smart city project needs to focus on understanding the business of all stakeholders. Therefore your project should spend about 40% of the resource on understanding the business models. However technology is important too. Therefore your project should spend 60% of the resources on testing different technology solutions.

How to find smart city solutions

Smart city framework
1. Design a framework

Find approach and select supplier
2. Select approach

monitor if the solution delivers according to the project objectives
3. Hand-over the solution

Design a framework

Successful smart projects have a framework. However big or small the project is, this framework addresses your project objectives first.

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Secondly helps to aligns all your cities policies. And thirdly, all the needed resources are noted down so you what it is going to cost. The above factors are key to make your smart city a success.

Summarized your framework will have the following questions answered:

  • Firstly, whether it meets your organization’s objectives.
  • Secondly, if there are gaps between your objectives and policy procedures.
  • Thirdly, gaps between objectives and local resources.
  • And finally, any gaps between the above and budgeted resources and available solutions.

Identify best approach

Once you have a framework, it’s time to map the different projects in your city. There are different ways to do that.

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Your approach depends on different factors. Some of the questions to answer are stated below:

  • Whether  you need a living labs or just run pilots projects?
  • How complex is the innovative technology?
  • What is the best procurement strategy?
  • How large/ small is the expected cultural change in your organization?
  • Which type of management protocol fits best?

Handover the solution

After we chosen the best approach and tested different technologies. There is a lessons learned phase. This phase is used to tweak and edit the best solution before we implement it into your organization.

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To make sure every works as planned we have consultants specialized in different industry sectors. Our industries are:

  • Real estate.
  • Government.
  • Smart mobility.
  • Data models and digitization
  • Stakeholder management.


Cities and Mobility

Smart train stations

Building and IoT

IoT sensing

Data models

Decision making models


Railway companies.
Real Estate companies.
Infrastructure asset owners.

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