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Automation of the business services safety in public domains

Automation of the business services safety in public domains

How technology has supported our client to increase the performance of safety monitoring for 600 platforms dotted around the country.

Robert Versteeg· 2 minute read


The client is responsible for all railway assets in The Netherlands. They have to provide a service that all platforms are safe for passengers to use, also during crowded peak times. With 600 platforms it was a challenge to monitor the safety of the platforms all at once. Therefore this project discovered, designed, and implemented a new data model to monitor and assess the performance of platform safety at all times of the day throughout the year.


The project team developed a new data warehouse that would feed into a data model to analyze the platform's performance. The data sets used are a combination of structured data, GIS data, and visual data to monitor the performance. To test the data quality the team created a photo database so that policymakers and safety managers could verify any outliers that may have been generated by the model. Due to the cultural history of the client to monitor the safety performance by visual on-site inspection, the best mean to validate our model was through actual photos of each platform to convince them to adopt the new way of working.


By combining new technology with an understanding of the stakeholders' culture, the team managed to implement this new way of working. Nowadays policymakers only manage the process and have better quality data and time at hand to monitor this process actively.

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