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Smart Security Locks. The role of technology for customer centricity

Smart Security Locks. The role of technology for customer centricity

Real estate companies in the Netherlands deliver new customer-centric services using smart city technology for security access control to buildings. In this blog, I will describe how new technology has been adopted to improve security access using smart locks.

Robert Versteeg· 3 minute read


With millions of doors opening every day, security access to houses or offices is important to be seamless. Access to buildings and rooms has to be authorized before access is permitted. This check-in process can take some time and doesn't meet customer expectations who want to have access 24/7 and make use of their smartphone.

Keyless entry using your phone

An interesting case study is Landal, where seamless arrival experiences for guests take centre stage. Through keyless entry via Bluetooth/NFC, guests gain immediate access to their accommodations, eliminating the need to stop by reception by using their smartphone. This illustrates how technology can be leveraged to prioritize customer-centricity and streamline processes.

Utilize data from smart locks

Landal also intelligently utilizes data that the smart locks deliver to optimize cleaning services. They precisely know when guests check out, allowing for more efficient planning and resource allocation. With 80% of guests utilizing the keyless process, it's evident how much this has become the norm in the hospitality sector.

Build on azure platform

According to an article in the International Journal of Computer Applications, these types of platforms use innovative systems built on Azure, leveraging a .NET backend with Kubernetes hosting via Azure. This ensures scalability even during peak hours.

What if the lock is offline?

But what happens if the smart lock is temporarily offline? Access management is fueled by the booking system, indicating who has access to which spaces. Even if the cloud or communication fails, the lock operates locally thanks to pre-loaded information. Data is transferred via Bluetooth through an IQ pod, reducing costs and enabling real-time access.

Opportunities smart locks for real estate

Smart locks also offer opportunities for real estate companies. By identifying underutilized spaces, they can manage and maintain them more efficiently. The aim is self-service for tenants, replacing traditional keys with NFC-enabled phones.

Data is even used to help installers improve their work, all through an app, without manager intervention. This not only enhances access to buildings but also streamlines maintenance and service processes.

In a world becoming increasingly interconnected, smart locks play a crucial role in creating secure and efficient urban environments. With the right technologies and a focus on data-driven solutions, we are moving towards a smarter and safer future.

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